August 13, 2012

If you know who I am, you know where to find me….


Sunset Tower

July 30, 2012

sunsetI’m somewhat a food snob. That’s not to say that I only eat the best but it all has to work…the people, the atmosphere, the service, and the food. All needing to be uniquely tied together in perfection.  Please don’t tease if your fine gastronomy isn’t matched everywhere else. And on now to Sunset towers, where all the assets match perfectly with the exception of the fact that it took ten minutes to be seated (despite reservations). The gorgeous poolside terrace and cozy inspired Hollywood bar become a beacon for massive classy drinking by stunning people. Jeff Klein has a distinct way with his passions. And its worth becoming addicted to them. DO try the steak frites add caviar service. DON’T wait any longer.



July 21, 2012

The Varsano - Boutique Hotel Tel AvivTel Aviv often seems stuck in time and ahead of teim. A little 80’s, a touch of 70’s, technology of 2020. Hotels in Tel Aviv are, for the most part, horrible. Until now. The Varsano is nestled in my favorite area Neve Tzedik. It’s a unique, delicately-balanced, combination of contemporary-designed suites in a Mediterranean atmosphere. All built in historical houses, with inner yards and patios. Quintessential Tel Aviv happiness.


Infinity snob

July 18, 2012

hotelhaciendaFor one quick minute I’m going to write something snotty. We all love the infinity pools in Cabo and the Caribbean. But I like to step it up about 100 notches because these places of far reaching blue make me think Cabo waters are my bathtub.

Hotel Caruso, Ravello, Italy-Yes, the Amalfi coast is a likely place to find this kind of bliss.

Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza, Spain-only fitting it would be in the party capital of the world

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore-Spent a new years here trying not to fall in this pool…or maybe i WAS trying to fall in.

Happily ever and ever and ever after.


Soundtrack your summer

July 16, 2012

On a recent trip I was again reminded of the power of music. The way it brings back all memories, carries you into its powerful arms and moves you to the core. Lets just bottle up The Shins, Airborne Toxic and some of the Beatles and you can have a full summer jaunt. Or take the Table Tunes and go international. Whatever it takes to make a summer full of bliss (a la Lifehouse).



July 12, 2012

waiNestled away on the West coast of Koh Samui, on a beautiful white sand beach, you will find Waimaire with nothing but luxury living in mind. Waimarie (pronounced Why-mar-ee) means “peaceful waters” in the language of the New Zealand Maori. Beautiful, self contained, situated right on the beach and with the best sunset views on the island, this is the ultimate. Really. I’m moving in for good.  Signing off for the rest of the year/lifetime and moving to thailand.

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